5 Benefits of Building on Smaller Blocks

As Perth’s population grows larger, it makes sense that block sizes are becoming smaller. By complying with the new policies at the WA Planning Commission, Bennett Quarter is a prime example of an estate that has successfully implemented new zoning regulations such as the RMD 30 to give buyers full confidence in their land purchase.

Following the chat between Darren Meakins from Land HQ wa and Richard Wetterhahn from Homebuyers Centre, we decided to identify 5 benefits of buying on smaller blocks.

1. Building Closer to the Front of the Block

Building to the new codes means construction can start closer to the front of the block. According to RMD 30, the garage should be a minimum of 4.5 metre setback from the street, while the house can be a minimum of 2 metres setback. This allows for a much larger overall house footprint on a smaller block.

2. Building Along the Side of the Block

On a block with a 10.5 metre frontage, in most cases, it will be possible to build a house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This is because of the ability to use the code to build along the side of the block.


The benefit of the RMD 30 codes is you can maximise the potential useable area of a small block, even when compared to a 700m2 lot.

3. More Affordable Overall Package

A smaller block provides significant savings for your overall package cost, which gives you a bigger budget for premium house inclusions. These inclusions might be high ceilings, stone top benches in the kitchen and high-quality flooring.

4. Better Future Value

Market research demonstrates that location is a vital factor for property valuation and future resale value, so it pays to build on a smaller block in Bennett Quarter which is just 16km from the Perth CBD.

5. More Established Community

According to Richard Wetterhahn, an estate with RMD 30 Codes provides a more established feel. This is because the code helps create continuity and consistency in the street for house setbacks and recessed garages.


With the RMD 30 codes, it is possible to maximise the footprint of your home by building at the front, side, and rear of the block. The savings on the land purchase allow for premium home upgrades and potentially a stronger resale price due to the proximity of Bennett Quarter to the Perth CBD.

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